Non-surgical flocking-the only way to achieve a natural look

In the ongoing fight against hair loss, the medical genius, hair transplanters, who represent the market for surgical hair loss, may not yet be able to get a dense and natural look. There are few types of hair loss that respond to the hair transplant procedure. For most men who suffer from hair loss, flocking never restores its natural appearance and density.
Non-surgical flocking, the use of a “hair system” is the only way you can restore your natural appearance at all desired densities. The hair system consists of a lace / gauze base and ties the hair to the base using a fine knot technique that mainly attaches the hair to the base. This undercoat fits the bald area of ​​the head and is designed to fit existing hair. Then attach it to the scalp with adhesive tape or glue.
This is a problem with this type of flocking. Glue afro toupee is the weakest link. Most flocking companies tell you that the glue lasts for weeks or months, but most people only hold it firmly for a few days at a time, especially if you have a lot of sweat or oily skin.
Still, non-surgical flocking is the best way to cover the bald area of ​​the head. There are many hair replacement practitioners, from nationwide discount chains like Hair Club For Men to small local salons, boutiques and studios that supply hair systems from China and customize them for their customers. Due to the cheap labor from China, almost all hair systems and hair extensions are manufactured in China. Few companies manufacture their own hair systems and hair extensions.
Another challenge with non-surgical hair transplantation is related maintenance. Fortunately, even if you can find an artistic expert who can blend your hair with your hair to create an undetectable look, do a lot to maintain it and do a lot. You have to spend your time. Like your own hair, the knots on your hair will loosen and you will fall out. If the hair comes off the hair system, it needs to be returned to the system. If there is a technician in the salon, the technician can tie new hair. The color of the hair also becomes lighter and you need to dye your hair at least once a month.
These monthly maintenance schedules are totaled. The typical cost of a high-end non-surgical hair system is about $ 2,500 each. Monthly visits can range from $ 60 to $ 90 plus rates. It may seem very expensive to some, but if you find a hair replacement specialist who can restore the natural look so that the hair system is not completely detected, anything other than lost hair Will also be repaired. Like self-confidence and self-esteem, in the first place.
After all, you don’t really pay for the hair system itself, the foundation on which colored hair is tied. If you do it right, you are paying for what the flocking system does for you, that is, improving your quality of life by restoring your natural appearance. If done correctly, the cost of hair replacement certainly seems to be very low. You find that repairing your hair is something you can’t afford to buy.
There are companies that sell hair systems by email over the internet. They measure your bald area and teach you how to clean up your hair. This is not the recommended approach. These companies cannot work on the system. These are cheap systems that users usually throw away after a few months, rather than paying to insert hair and refresh the color … and the hair system is reattached to the head.